A state can never be like that, let's figure out how to call it ...

This is Azerbaijan: President issues a decree, and customs do not recognize this decree...
Oh, my poor, miserable, unfortunate Motherland - Azerbaijan!
It’s impossible to find words to describe the current condition Azerbaijan is in. Azerbaijani lands are under occupation of Armenia, the government is also occupied and the SS Nazi Germany and were probably more humane than the Azerbaijani customs officers ...
Just look at what happened to me ...
President Ilham Aliyev opened in Balakan district a customs and border checkpoint Mazymchay, and instructed them to work honestly and not be too hard people. I, in my naivete, was cheered up by that.

Картинки по запросу Ilham Əliyev hədələdi
These calls of the president encouraged me, I had the idea to start a business for the benefit of my Motherland. Until morning I could not sleep and kept thinking what I could do so both my country and myself could benefit from it, and then, using the resulting profit, to strengthen our diaspora activities and prevent the spread of false information by Armenians about Azerbaijan in Europe. So we could reach the highest circles, have our say and be heard... Also, the state leader addressed the Azerbaijani Diaspora and strongly recommended the activists of the Diaspora to become even more active. He said that the Azerbaijani diaspora should get financially empowered, and to make an effort for the sake of common goals.
Many people know about the selfless work done by me for the sake of Azerbaijan, as a diaspora activist living for many years in Europe. One should not speak about his deeds, but sometimes it is necessary. I'll tell you only that in the difficult years of the Karabakh war, I organized the delivery of hard-to-find medications to Azerbaijan for our army, as well as providing treatment to wounded soldiers in Poland. I’ll confine myself to this and will not focus on the effort I made for our nation and state. As put by Jesus Christ, when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what your right hand does.
I do not just like to wind from country to country. I've seen all sides of life, experiencing financial difficulties. But the day came when I went into big business myself. Assessing my capabilities, I thought through dozens of projects for the promotion of our culture and began to implement them alone, using my own financial resources.
Like many immigrants, as an activist of the Diaspora and entrepreneur, I believed the appeals which I heard with my own ears, and began to work with Baku - my historical homeland. I just had to believe it. Because in those countries where I have lived, such lofty appeals are always backed by respectable states that work in full force so the president's words would not lose their power and authority.
How could I know ...
The first container posted by me was held for 3-4 days at the customs post in Balakan, and after I was stripped for $ 1,000, the cargo was sent to Baku. At the customs post in Baku my container was stuck for a few weeks, and the Customs Committee demanded a bribe of 20 thousand dollars. With pathos, I repeated calls to the customs officers the slogans of our head of state. As soon as they heard the name of the president, then fell silent, and then looked at me and smiled ...
The case ended up with one of the staff of the Minister of Emergency Situations Kamaladdin Heydarov - Ibrahim Nehremli nicknamed Ibo [poetic for “For”, “because”], said he will not drop a penny from the amount of 19,500 dollars. He also added that he has no time to talk to me.
After that it was out of place to quote him the words of the president. That Ibo guy, who despite his young age was the same size in length and in width, in his businesslike manner and without any hesitation collected bribes at customs. Men in sunglasses, dressed in black, stood waiting at the office door and took the money away in an unknown direction. And they did it very quickly, as if afraid to linger for a moment.
For an inexperienced person who came from Europe, the picture was just amazing. Just imagine, this is despite the fact that the Customs Committee is right next to the Anti-Corruption Committee offices.
But I’ll say about good things as well. Upon learning of my situation, a customs worker Vusal Novruzov listened to me and helped by giving some guidance. As a result, I paid an official state fee in the amount of $ 2,800. But anyway, pointing out that it was a day off, they made me pay a bribe in the amount of $ 1,000. I gave the money, as I didn’t dare to approach Novruzov again.
That's how things went that time.
I had a bitter experience, and I have sworn never again to send the goods to Baku. But again I was told that the President is interested in the financial gain of businessmen from the diaspora. He again made his appeals, and I could not sleep again. In Azerbaijan, I have so many unemployed relatives, friends and acquaintances who are refugees and internally displaced persons, and I thought that I could create some jobs so they can earn a living and support their families, pay more taxes and then receive a higher pension.
This time I do not blame anyone, I blame myself that violated my oath.  
I'm not lazy, I came up with a new business and sent the goods to Baku again. I brought to the capital some barely used car tires by good brands. This time, I had to pay for each container a customs bribe of 15 thousand dollars. That is, for 2 cars of goods I paid 30 thousand dollars. Imagine me, not paying an official fee, passing the border with those goods and entering Baku.
I was annoyed and could not put up with it. President makes his appeals, and corruption is rampant, and bandits are operating in the country ...
Now imagine how many such containers arrive in Azerbaijan daily, for which the customs fee is not paid? No budget could stand looting of this magnitude, no state will survive after such a blow in the back ...
And frozen vegetables and chicken, which I last sent to Baku, was simply confiscated. They only relented and gave me the money indicated in the invoice, saying that I shouldn’t do that anymore, and that I should go away and never come here again. I had to leave for good.

Картинки по запросу kəmaləddin heydərov
Dear friends, the people who are concerned about the fate of Azerbaijan!
Who will be held responsible for the damage I suffered? Maybe you know what authorities I should go to, which door to knock on? Where is the Azerbaijani government? I've been stripped of 30 thousand dollars for the tires and said that this area is controlled by Kamaladdin Heydarov.
If a certain sphere in a state is controlled by one person, then it is not a state. If in the state the same person controls dozens of various fields, how should we call this place? ..
Let's come up with this name. We respect the word of the president, and you're slowing down on purpose, humiliating us in the process. That’s not the way to go or run things. The state should not treat their compatriots and citizens like that ...
In fact, I could not describe even one-tenth of what I experienced at the Azerbaijani customs.
But I wrote this article so that things happening in my country would be left in history.
That's all I could do...
Elman Mustafazade
 Chairman of the "Friends of Azerbaijan" society in Europe