Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron,

Mr. Macron, I owe it to myself to comment on the recommendation of the French Senate on the recognition of Karabakh's independence. 
Soon, the French National Assembly adopted a resolution entitled "Protection of the Armenian people and the Christian communities of Europe and the East."
The biased position of the Lower House after the French Senate has clearly shown us why Karabakh has been under occupation for 30 years. We must react to both resolutions separately so that the World community knows that in fact the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group tried to resolve Karabakh in favor of the Armenian Separatists. The co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group must remain neutral and not take sides because they are mediators. Otherwise, they must refuse to mediate. The French Foreign Minister commented on the resolution, which was adopted by the French Parliament and the French government does not recognize it. The French Parliament is also the legislature of France, in accordance with the principle of separation of powers. The French Parliament is well aware of the territory of Karabakh in international law. The UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act, and four UN Security Council resolutions on Karabakh in 1993 are clear examples of this.
Now let's turn to the legal resolution of the French National Assembly "On the protection of the Armenian people and the Christian communities of Europe and the East." First of all, let me tell you that the churches and temples in Karabakh are not for the Armenian nation, but for the Caucasian Albania. The State of Albania is one of the oldest states in the territory of Azerbaijan, and its capital was the present-day city of Gabala. Armenia did not exist then. Albanian churches are considered to be the material and spiritual heritage of Azerbaijan and are registered. Prior to the occupation, Albanian churches were highly protected and guarded. After the occupation of Karabakh by Armenian terrorists, Albanian churches were led by Armenian terrorists. Armenian terrorists in Karabakh have changed their military uniform and appointed a false religious leader. For some reason, the pro-Armenian parliament of France ignores the Armenian savagery in the territories occupied for 30 years. For example, pigs were kept and raised in all Muslim mosques in the occupied territories. Gravestones belonging to Azerbaijanis and gold items on bodies were stolen. Even the bones belonging to the corpses were removed and destroyed so that nothing belonging to the Azerbaijanis remained. The cemeteries were plowed with tractors as a land plot and grain was planted on the site. Specifically, in Fizuli, Jabrail, Gubadli, Zangilan, Aghdam regions, which were liberated from occupation, there is not a single normal building and place of residence. The windows, doors and stones of the houses were demolished and taken to Armenia. Mr. Emmanuel Macron, funds have been allocated for the restoration of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation from the churches in Strasbourg (Church of Our Lady's) in France. Mayor of Strasbourg city Ronald Ries and other officials thanked President of the Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva for this step. Ronald Ries and other officials noted that Azerbaijan has contributed to intercultural and interreligious dialogue, and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has also participated in the renovation of Versailles Park. 
Mr. Macron, how quickly did you forget this kindness? After all, the Azerbaijani state, which repaired your churches and parks, is now destroying churches and religious temples? 
The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has set a real example of tolerance in Paris, Rome, the Vatican, Berlin, London and Warsaw. Dialogue between cultures and civilizations has been widely covered. Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the decision taken by the French Parliament once again shows that you are discriminating religiously and supporting the occupying Armenia. You do not want to see the occupied side with the occupier. You have no idea about the more than 250,000 Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia in the 1990s. Why didn't your Senate once talk about the return of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia? Azerbaijan has been sentenced to 30 years of ethnic cleansing on its territory. We have more than 1 million refugees, more than 15,000 of our compatriots died in the Karabakh war, how many people were taken prisoner and went missing. The damage was estimated at $ 100 billion. If you look at the history, you will see that the place called Armenia was built on Azerbaijani lands. There is no need to look at the distant history for this.. If you look at recent history, you will see this. As for the determination of the destiny of nations in international law, 1 million Azerbaijanis and 60,000 Armenians lived in Karabakh. 
If the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group wish the establishment of a second Armenian state, they should do so in their own cities, where Armenians live many times more than separatist Armenians living in Karabakh.
Paris 200,000 Armenians
Lion 100,000 Armenians
Marseille 180,000 Armenians

California 254,696 Armenians

Krasnodar 281,680 Armenians
I expressed my attitude to both resolutions, and as an International Lawyer, I was disappointed by how the human rights and freedoms were violated at the rallies in Paris today.
The police used force against protesters is unacceptable. Interviews of French citizens from the rally attracted my attention in the press today. "We are moving towards a time when freedoms are increasingly restricted, and there is no reason for that," said Karin Shebabo, a Paris resident.
Michelle Zeckler, a black music producer, said she was beaten by several police officers in late November.
Another protester, Javier Molenat, said:
"While France advises others on the importance of freedoms, it has a habit of restricting those freedoms.”
 Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the protester Javier Molenat, has openly told you and the French Parliament that you want Democracy and Liberties from other countries, but not in France. Let me tell you something that France is used to.
Mr. Macron, it would be better if you ensure the rights and freedoms of the French nation, not the Separatist Armenians. I hope you will respond to my letter. At least we live in a democratic society in Europe. I wish you success and congratulate you and the French Nation on the upcoming New Year.
International Lawyer