An appeal by Me, Asaf Askarov to Mrs. Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program

My appeal is about environmental terrorism. Azerbaijan liberated the occupied regions after 44 days of war. Zangilan, on the Armenian border, is one of the liberated areas. I want to talk about the Oxchuchay, which flows from the Zangilan region. The Oxchuchay, a trans-boundary river, is subject to severe pollution and environmental terrorism from the territory of Armenia. We have a lot of facts and grounds to back this up. The Gajaran Zangazur (Syunik province of Armenia) copper-molybdenum plant in Armenia as well as the Gafan ore processing plant in Armenia discharge higher levels of heavy metals than usual into the river. According to official data, the German company "Cronimet Mining AG" owned the majority of the plant's shares until 2019.

The rivers flowing through the liberated Zangilan region were observed by ecologists. The investigation revealed that the river had significant amounts of heavy metals, including copper, molybdenum, manganese, iron, zinc, and chromium, which were 7 times higher than usual. The color of the river has changed due to the pollution. There was a mass extinction of Gizilkhalli fish in the river. The reason for this is Armenia's discharge of heavy metal waste into the river.

The protection of the environment and ecosystems is reflected in the UN Charter.

States must safeguard water resources, avoid pollution, and meet the public's demand for safe potable water.

The 1992 Helsinki Convention prohibits the pollution of trans-boundary rivers. Armenia, which has not complied with International Law Standards, has been dumping heavy hazardous metal waste explicitly for more than 16 years. Unfortunately, the İnternational community and İnternational organizations do not take any action. When an iceberg melts in Antarctica or a shark appears on the shore, though,

the entire world's televisions are tuned in. Gizilkhalli Fish, Shirbit Fish, which are listed in the Red Book, are substantially destroyed as a result of the discharge of heavy metals from Armenia to Oxchuchay (named Vogji river in Armenia) passing through Azerbaijani territory, yet for some reason the entire world remains a spectator. It should not matter to us in which part of the world it happens if we are talking about the protection of the world's environment. Corona, for example, initiated in China and quickly expanded over Europe and the Ocean, eventually reaching the United States and the rest of the world. More than 4 million people have died, 185 million have been infected, and the epidemic is still going on. This should be a lesson for us. I wanted to write to you to ask for your assistance in preventing this environmental terror, otherwise, the water we drink, the water we use for agriculture, and the aquatic life in the rivers will all be ruined. The Oxchuchay River flows into the Araz River, the South Caucasus' second largest river. The Araz River is the left tributary of the Kura River. These rivers flow into the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea has an indirect access to the sea. This implies that Armenia is contaminating the entire Global ecosystem. I call on all environmental security-related organizations to take action.

International Lawyer

Asaf Askarov