A letter to Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives,

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, we understand your visit to Armenia and your love for the Armenian nation. The statement you made while being in Armenia surprised the Azerbaijani nation.

1. You mentioned that you strongly condemn the illegal border attacks by Azerbaijan on Armenia.

2. After that you stated that America supports the sovereignty of Armenia.

3. The border fighting in which more than 200 people were killed is Azerbaijan's initiative and Azerbaijan must admit it.

4. You mentioned that the border clashes were caused by the Azerbaijani attack on Armenia.

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, I will now respond to what you have said substantiating everything with historical facts, but not taking sides unlike you.

You condemn Azerbaijan's illegal border attack on Armenia. What border are you talking about???
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Armenia, which you`ve visited, has always attacked Azerbaijani territories. They occupied Azerbaijan's Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 regions around it. This means 20% of Azerbaijan's territory. There were more than 1 million refugees that left their homeland.
4,388 sq km

The length of the border
485 km 

1000000 people

30 000 people

50 000 people

Held captive and not returned
6 011 people

Damage in the amount of 100 billion US dollars was inflicted on Azerbaijan.
In 2020, Azerbaijan finally freed most of its territories from occupation.
You mentioned that America supports the sovereignty of Armenia. America should support the sovereignty of all states. Because you talk a lot about democracy. If so, then the fact that you came here from across the ocean and now repeat the lies of the Armenians, while not investigating anything, at least forms a bad opinion of you. Armenians have been violating the border for 30 years. When Azerbaijani lands were under occupation for 30 years, as I mentioned above, when Azerbaijan had 1 million refugees, and still has. Because Armenians destroyed Karabakh for 30 years. Azerbaijan's sovereignty has been violated for exactly 30 years. We have not heard a single word from you against Armenians. Armenians brutally killed 613 people in our own land in Khojaly city in Karabakh. They took 1275 people captive and 487 people were injured. And why, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, did not we hear your voice during these events? 4 resolutions of the UN regarding the occupation were adopted.
1) Resolution 822
2) Resolution 853
3) Resolution 874
4) Resolution 884
Unfortunately, the resolution you adopted was just on paper. After 30 years, Azerbaijan had to implement this resolution itself.
You, America, were one of the members of the OSCE MINSK group. You have not done anything in these 30 years. You have only justified Armenia's occupation policy. Armenian terrorists opened fire on us in almost all seasons of the year and all days of the month during the border clash you mentioned. The last Armenian provocation was on September 12, about 80 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed and 282 soldiers were wounded.
And the border you mentioned belongs to Azerbaijan. Lenin, Stalin, who were at the head of the former Soviet Union, with the help of Armenian nationalists cut the line between Turkey and Azerbaijan and forcibly gave Armenia Zangezur and the lands belonging to Azerbaijan. As a result, Armenia was given a border with Iran. 100 thousand of our people were expelled from their lands. This is not a distant history. On July 14, 1920, Soviet Russia gave Zangezur region located in Azerbaijan to Armenia.
Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, the initial name of Yerevan, the place you made your statement from, was Iravan. In 1918, as a result of pressure on Azerbaijan, Iravan was given to Armenia in order to stop their land claims. Nevertheless, thanks to patrons like you, over time, Armenians managed to occupy the lands of Azerbaijan and establish a state called Armenia.
You confirm the fact that Russia occupied Ukraine.
You confirm the fact that Russia occupied Georgia.
We do confirm as well. But for some reason, you still do not consider Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijan as an occupation. These double standards cast a shadow on America's democracy. If you want true justice, you should have visited Azerbaijan, which have influence in the Caucasus, and neighboring Georgia. You should have come and see for yourself. Unfortunately, you visited the invader Armenia and supported the Armenian nationalists who occupied Azerbaijani lands for 30 years. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union thanks to nationalist Armenian terrorists, the border has not been determined. Armenia slows down the delimiting and demarcating of the border. It refuses to sign the peace agreement. Do you know why? Because if it complies with all these, the areas you call the border will be returned to Azerbaijan according to the Soviet map. If the borders are determined in accordance with the map of 1918, they may lose both Iravan and Yerevan that you`ve visited. Otherwise, if the borders are determined in accordance with the Soviet map of 1920, then the place called Zangezur should be returned to Azerbaijan as well. You and the whole world should accept this bitter truth. Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, I wish you to stick to the truth without taking sides. Armenia, which you are supporting, was created from the lands of Azerbaijan with the help of America and Russia. These maps are kept in many manuscript institutes of the world. If you want, you can see them as well. I can even gift some of them to you. I wish you to choose the truth when faced with the choice between Truth and Lie, just as you choose Democracy when faced with the choice between Democracy and Autocracy. The fact that you have come from across the ocean and incite the invader Armenia saying "America is on your side" means the beginning of escalation. The 44-day war showed that Azerbaijan is capable of protecting its independent state, and from now on, the hands trying to reach our state will be cut off.

Asəf Əskər